Errors compiling cups

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Sep 20 09:04:59 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
>>Making all in man...
>>Making all in man/es...
>>Making all in man/fr...
>>Making all in pdftops...
>>Linking pdftops...
>>/usr/lib/libsupc++.a(eh_throw.o)(.text.__cxa_throw+0x1a): In function `__cxa_thr
>>: undefined reference to `__cxxabiv1::__unexpected_handler'
>>/usr/lib/libsupc++.a(eh_throw.o)(.text.__cxa_throw+0x22): In function `__cxa_thr
> ---
> I have the same problem in FreeBSD 5.4.....anyone know what this problem is?

Bad GCC installation - the simplest fix is to drop the -lsupc++ from
Makedefs and change CXX to "g++" so that the stdc++ library is used

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