Windows XP to CUPS problems

andrewz at andrewz at
Wed Sep 21 09:37:41 PDT 2005

I would like to print from Windows XP to CUPS using IPP, but am having strange problems.

I go to Add Printer Wizard, enter the URL http://linuxserver:631/printer/hp1320, and the wizard becomes unresponsive.  The Windows spooler service is taking up >90% CPU.

I can restart the spooler to continue.  Then if I try to print a test page, the same problem occurs.

I have tried this on two systems: Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro.  I can't really connect or print from either.   Linux clients use this CUPS server without issues.   The Linux CUPS server is running Trustix 2.2 (Linux 2.4) and CUPS 1.1.23.


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