Enforcing banner page printing

Sven Specker specker at rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Sep 22 06:15:33 PDT 2005


I have a little problem here.

I need to use CUPS in an environment where it is undesirable to have users suppress banner pages. That is why I set up the System to have a central print server and all appr. 60 clients to print over this server.

I did activate the banner-pages in the printers.conf for each queue and it of course does the default-printing with banners.

Now, I can use linux-application which allow direct manipulation of banner-pages. I was under the impression that this "change" would be ignored by the central server if it's printer-config says that the JobSheet should be "standard none".

I was rather surprised that I could print without banner-pages anyway and the only way to suppress that was by activating

ClassifyOverride on

and setting a non-empty Classification directive. This in turn prints the classification on top of every page (as intended by the programmer), which will not be accepted by the customers.

Is there any way of forcing banner pages on the server and NOT have a classification printed on top of every page?


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