Enforcing banner page printing

Sven Specker specker at rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Sep 22 07:04:33 PDT 2005

> Sven Specker wrote:
> > ...
> > Is there any way of forcing banner pages on the server and NOT have a
> > classification printed on top of every page?
> Not at present.
> You can file an enhancement request at:
>      http://www.cups.org/str.php
> I don't think this would make it into CUPS 1.2, however...
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Thanks for the quick reply...

Although that is bad news, I have a follow-up question.

Is it possible to reject print-jobs on the basis of their classification? I have not found any hint how to do that.

For example, "Only accept jobs with classification xxxx"

That and the possibility to enforce banners would ease the use of CUPS in an open/large environment where centralized printing takes place.


Sven Specker

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