Can CUPS Browse Windows Shared Printers?

Anonymous anonymous at
Thu Sep 22 07:17:33 PDT 2005

> Anonymous wrote:
> > ...
> > However, I was wondering if its possible to get CUPS to autodiscover
> > or browse the Windows printers without any administration on the CUPS
> > print server at all. This would then relay to the other CUPS
> > installations meaning that I only have one point of installation.
> No, that just isn't possible since there is no way to get a PPD file
> from the Windows system, and in Windows every client sends a raw
> printer data stream instead of a printer-independent format (yes,
> I know there are ways to send EMF files, but that is not the default
> and doesn't help us with CUPS...)

Thanks for the quite reply.

Ah never mind...

I do have another thought though - would the queue be a raw printer on CUPS and then use the Windows printer driver to do the page rendering, or would the queue be a standard CUPS printer that uses the PPD to do the rendering - or would I have the option of doing it either way?

Thanks again,


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