cupstestppd and PPDs delivered by manufacturers

Michael Sweet mike at
Sun Sep 25 17:56:34 PDT 2005

Axel Schwarzer wrote:
> Some days ago CUPS told me to check a certain ppd file with cupstestppd. 
> And just for curiosity I did it for ALL of them: In /etc/cups/ppd and in 
>  .../model. As it seems many of them are broken (HP is king with that) 
> but up to now CUPS worked fine with 500 printers active.
> - What shall I do with all those *FAIL*s and *WARN*s and shall I do 
> anything at all?

You don't have to do anything, however a missing Default or page
size entry can cause difficulties in certain cases.  The whole
purpose of cupstestppd is to catch problems before they happen -
if you have been running OK so far, then you should be OK.

> - Will it be sufficient (and safe enough) to remove at least the *FAIL*s?

That's generally all we do when validating existing PPDs.

> - Is the test with cupstestppd important enough to be done regularly?

It only needs to be done once, when you initially install the PPDs.

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