Limiting list of printers seen by user?

Erik Forsberg forsberg at
Sun Sep 25 23:58:21 PDT 2005

Michael Sweet <mike at> writes:

> Erik Forsberg wrote:
> > Hi!
> > Are there any ways to limit the list of printers a specific user sees
> > when he tries to print using CUPS-aware applications?
> Not currently, however CUPS 1.2 limits the list of printers to the
> ones a user can access based on the allowed/denied list for each
> queue.  

OK. That's good. 

I assume that all parts of the chain need to be updated, i.e. both
CUPS libraries and server? 

Will existing programs, compiled against an older CUPS library
version, work with a newer CUPS library that provides this

>(There is still an issue with this and remote printers, but
> that should be resolved in an upcoming snapshot...)

Is there a STR entry for this? I can't find it. 

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