questions about manually adding printers to a client

Anonymous anonymous at
Mon Sep 26 15:32:22 PDT 2005

Suppose I shut Browsing off entirely on a client system, and use lpadmin to manually add queues which point to a print server, like this:

lpadmin -p PrintQ1 at ServerA -E -v ipp://ServerA:631/printers/PrintQ1

It appears that I can still print fine, but I didn't test all printing options.  What non-Browse-related functionality do I lose by doing this?  For instance, are there options in the printer's ppd file that I couldn't use?

I actually have 2 print servers.  If I add PrintQ1 at ServerA and PrintQ1 at ServerB, an implicit PrintQ1 class is not created.  When I create the queues, I can specify with "-c classname" that a class is to be created, and the class does get created, but I can't print to it.  I get this when I try:

lpr: error - unable to print file: server-error-not-accepting-jobs

Is there a way that I can get classes working in this setup, either by adding them manually in some way, or by getting ImplicitClasses working?

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