Need some help with printer EPSON LX-300+

Fernando Marcelo Morgenstern anonymous at
Tue Sep 27 14:48:13 PDT 2005

I user to have a server running debian and cups with 2 printers and the other computers were all windows 98 (they printed in this server wich have to Epson LX-300+ using raw driver). Now, i have installed debian and i have a financial programa based on php/mysql, so i use it in a browser. I´m trying to use Konqueror. One of those printers i have installed on a computer (with cups too). But when i try to print something using any browser (tested Konqueror, Firefox and Opera) it show something like command lines and never the text that i´m trying to print. When i put the driver as 24-pin epson it works "fine" (well not that fine, that´s really slow and has a lot of graphic errors).
Here is the question, how can i use this printer with raw driver and print like when i put the 24-pin driver? and... why this happens?

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