CUPS Windows Postscript Drivers

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Sep 28 09:37:24 PDT 2005

stefan.hildenbrand at wrote:
> I tried to install the new drivers via cupsaddsmb (the one from the trunk) but at first it did not work. This is because (at least I think that's the reason):

That does appear to be a bug - fixed in trunk now...

>  'cupsaddsmb' looks for a file named 'cupsdrv6.dll' which is not
>   present in the svn repository. That's why 'cupsaddsmb' fails.
>   Therefore I linked cupsdrv6.dll -> cupsps6.dll
>  This worked for installing the drivers in /etc/samba/drivers, however,
>  printing a test page did not work. This is because cups6.inf/.ini refer
>  to the file 'cupsps6.dll' which is not present in /etc/samba/drivers
>  (cupsaddsmb does not copy it).

That should be fixed up now...

>  After adding cupsps6.dll to /etc/samba/drivers it worked.
> Besides, cupsaddsmb also looks for the 'ps'-files and fails if they are not present in /usr/share/cups/drivers

Yes, the CUPS drivers still depend on the Microsoft PS drivers, as
covered in the man page...

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