CUPS Windows Postscript Drivers

Stefan Hildenbrand stefan.hildenbrand at
Thu Sep 29 03:19:38 PDT 2005

There was (is) another problem, but I don't exactly know what causes it:

 - after successfully installing the new windows driver printing from
   windows failed with a (printed) error message :
        ERROR: <something>
        OFFENDING COMMAND: setlinewidth

 - after trying out many things I realized that the jobfiles (to be
   printed) were in "DOS"-Format (i.e. they had a ^M at the end of the

 - now we use an additional preprocessing-script with 'dos2unix', and it
   seems to work now

Since the previous version of the windows driver did not have this problem I assume it has something to do with the new cups DLL's, I'm not sure though. Does anyone have the same problem?


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