Bandwidth limit when sending job to remote printer?

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Sep 30 06:05:04 PDT 2005

Erik Forsberg wrote:
> Hi!
> We have a case where we'd like to have a central printhost that sends
> printer jobs to remote printers. The internet connections to the
> remote printers may be rather narrow in bandwidth, so we'd like to
> limit the bandwidth used for printing.
> Is there any support in CUPS for doing this? Could it be done by some
> simple modification of backends or similiar?

There is no way to do this.  In general, we try to have all of the
CUPS components run as quickly as possible... :)

We *will* be adding support for compressing the print data sent
via IPP in CUPS 1.2, however that may not be what you are looking
for since it will reduce the amount of data sent over the wire, but
not how much bandwidth is used.

> (We could use the bandwidth limit tools of the Linux kernel, but a
> CUPS-solution may be easier to administer).

This is the best place to do it if you want to limit CUPS to using
1/2 of your bandwidth.  Combined with the data compression, you'll
probably be able to achieve the same printing performance with less

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