[cups.development] Deleting printers that have no backend

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at novell.com
Thu Sep 1 16:15:16 PDT 2005

Michael Sweet wrote:

> Jim Fehlig wrote:
>> ...
>> My problem just got me to thinking that perhaps the current behavior 
>> of CUPS should change, thus the post to the list for comments.
> FWIW, if we removed printers when a backend or device went away, then
> any partial upgrade or temporary "missing device" condition could
> wipe out all of your printers.  That is clearly not the way we want
> CUPS to work!  About all we can safely do is stop the printer which is
> what we do already...

Understood and agreed.  Would you still be interested in a patch to do a 
sanity check in LoadAllPrinters() as previously mentioned or should 
stopping the printer remain deferred until a problem is detected at job 


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