{admin_uri} substitution

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Sep 8 13:50:57 PDT 2005

Anonymous wrote:
> ...
> So, may be ippRewriteURL() should make a provision for such
> configuration? Be more rubust that way?

The problem with adding special cases is that they break down
easily... :(

> Like: when `hostname` returns string without dots, just compare the
> (dot-separated) first part of the ServerName?

That won't work if you have two systems with the same name in
different subdomains (e.g. printserver.lab1.foo.com and

Go ahead an file a bug report against CUPS 1.2 at:


I'll see if we can append the domain name from getdomainname(2) if
the hostname does not contain any dots.

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