Problem with Samba+CUPS

Rainer office at
Mon Sep 12 08:45:27 PDT 2005

I just installed A SuSE 9.0 server as file and printserver for Windows clients. Printing runs over SAMBA and CUPS.

While most of the laser printers work fine, I have a big problem with an "EPSON Photo 1200", connected over the network with an lpd pocket printerserver.
When the Windows machine uses the EPSON driver (produces raw data), CUPS does not forward the data to the printer. The job appears to get lost somewhere in the Linux box.

When I use some simple PostScript generation on the Windows machine (i.e. using the driver for "Apple Laserwriter II NT", the Linux box rips the job and the printig process works, but after every job I get first an empty page and then another page with "ERROR: rangecheck OFFENDING COMMAND: .installpagedevice", ..  Because I also loose support of special printer functions, this way (which basically would work) is not a good choice at all. Before I re-installed the server, it was running the same Linux and GhostScript, but with lprng -- and this worked troublefree!

So I additionally created another printer queue, eps1200raw, without fre-filtering. This helped with the PostScript Lasers, too, but here I have again the situation that nothing comes out of the printer when I send raw printing data from the Windows machine.

My questions:
Is someone here who knows tis problem and can help? Must be some problem with CUPS.

Please, help.

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