How to install Samsung CLP-510 color printer on Fedora core 3?

Ed vpr.matrix at
Mon Sep 12 22:00:31 PDT 2005

1. Download the driver tarball.
2. tar -xzf [driver tarball]
3. cd [driver directory]
4. (as root) ./autorun
5. After install, run 'linux-config' as root

The Samsung GUI driver install requires you have the old GTK1 libraries installed and (from my experience) have CUPS installed.

I tried installing by hand (copying CLP-510splc.ppd & filters, symlinking, etc.) and it didn't work out too well for me. Even using the GUI installer it took about 6 hours to make everything work on my machine running Debian Unstable.

The printer is working well for me now... the duplexer even works for two sided print. Coolness.

Best of luck,

> I'm trying to install a laser Color Printer from Samsung Model CLP-510 on a Fedora.  Th job sent appear to be a POSTSCRIPT File but the Samsung Printer don't know how to print POSTSCRIPT files.  This printer use a proprietary protocol.  On the Samsung Web Site I found a PPD file but I install it and it didn't work at all.
> I know that a filter exist with this PPD file but I don't know how to configure-it  for CUPS to recognize and use it.
> Anyone can Help me with this issue.
> Thanks.
> Yvan Chouinard ing.

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