printing from windows XP through CUPS linux printer

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Tue Jun 5 00:44:59 PDT 2007

> Hello Gurus,
>  I have configured CUPS to a USB attached printer in fedora and is
>  working fine from that machine..
>  Now I want to configure this printer from windows XP system
>  also..this is also in the same network.
>  when googled found that from windows XP with out samba it cannot
>  talk to linux CUPS.

Not completely true. Windows XP clients can talk IPP 1.0 (not IPP 1.1) to a CUPS server

>  If I give the URL

You probably need to leave off the trailing "/" from that URI.

> it is asking for login and passwd which i did not understand..

IPP 1.0 does not define any authentication, only 1.1 does.

You have to grant access to anybody, without authentication to
your "cfgprinter". Maybe with a cupsd.conf section like this:

  <Location /printers/cfgprinter>
     AuthType None
     Order Deny,Allow
     Deny From None
     Allow From All

To get some limited, IP-address based access control, you may want to
try this variation:

  <Location /printers/cfgprinter>
     AuthType None
     Order Deny,Allow
     Deny From All
     Allow From
     Allow From
     Allow From 10.162.3.*

where the "Allow From ..." lines list all allowed client IP addresses
(with some wildcards allowed).

>  pls help me in configuring windows xp system to print thru
> linux CUPS with out samba..
>  thanks
>  Geetha


Kurt Pfeifle
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