Sending LPD Print Job as Specific UN and Not System UN.

Derek Hildreth SendDerek at
Wed Jun 6 09:58:41 PDT 2007

I am helping my university to publish a tutorial on how to print from a Linux laptop/desktop when connected to the campus network.

More specifically, this campus utilized Pharos print stations which require a student to login to the system under their NetID and PW provided by the school in order to print the job specific to their UN.

My tutorial thus far works for me, and I am able to print to the Pharos work stations without any glitches.  But, this is because my UN (Linux user account) is the same as my NetID (campus account).  So, when I go to print a document, it sends it out as my UN and the Pharos system in turn recognizes my UN as my NetID and allows me to print.

The problem is, other students with Linux probably do not have the same UN as their NetID.  For example, Susie's uses susie1 to login to her Linux account, but she uses smithsue to login to the campus network.  When she goes to print a job, it will send it as susie1 and the Pharos system will not recognize her and deny the job.  The job needs to be sent as smithsue.

What are my options?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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