Sending LPD Print Job as Specific UN and NotSystem UN.

Derek Hildreth SendDerek at
Wed Jun 6 11:29:27 PDT 2007

> On Wed, Jun 06, 2007 at 12:58:41PM -0400, Derek Hildreth wrote:
> >
> > More specifically, this campus utilized Pharos print stations
> > which require a student to login to the system under their NetID and
> > PW provided by the school in order to print the job specific to
> > their UN.
> > ...
> > The problem is, other students with Linux probably do not have the
> > same UN as their NetID.  For example, Susie's uses susie1 to login
> > to her Linux account, but she uses smithsue to login to the campus
> > network.  When she goes to print a job, it will send it as susie1
> > and the Pharos system will not recognize her and deny the job.  The
> > job needs to be sent as smithsue.
> >
> > What are my options?
> You could use PyKota instead of Pharos, because it includes the
> necessary features to do exactly what you want, like asking a
> different username and optional password at print time, that can be
> checked either through PAM or through any method of your choice.
> ;-)
> Jerome Alet

Thanks for your quick response and assistance.

Unfortunately, there can be no modifications done to the server side.  Only changes on the client side are going to be allowed.  However, if there is a change needed to be made on the Pharos server to allow this, then that would be reasonable.  For example, have the Pharos identify an incoming print job and then prompt the original sender for information regarding his/her student NetID account and then print the job under the provided information.  This would be ideal if there were a way to set it up.

Thanks again!

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