Username mapping (and samba)

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Thu Jun 7 09:46:46 PDT 2007

> hi,
> i have the problem, that some machines write the username like FOO or
> Foo instead of foo. So my pdf printer can't put the file in Users home/foo .
> I tried via IPP from XP, but windows sends Foo. On W98, windows sends
> the username FOO (via samba).

If you use IPP to send jobs from Windows to CUPS, there is no need for Samba (at least not because of printing). There are (as add-ons) IPP clients for Win98 too.

> Is there a way, to map the username to lowercace?

Samba has *lots* of options to deal with that. See "man smb.conf" and read the explanations about "username level", "username map" and "username map script"...

However, I would advice you to use another trick: create symlinks for the different home directories which match the different spellings. That way Windows can send what it wants and the jobs will always land in the correct directory:

  cd /home;
  ln -s foo FOO
  ln -s foo Foo


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