Cups Web Management Through Apache Proxy

Jeff Bush bushj at
Fri Jun 8 10:49:12 PDT 2007

I am using CUPs on the internet to create PDF files and would like to use the web interface to manage it. Problem is my hosting company is firewalled against almost all ports. So my idea was to use a proxy (so http://myserver/cups would proxy to localhost:631). It works, BUT, the CUPs interface uses all absolute links (like /printers) which messes it up. Trying to go to /cups/printers doesn't work either. The CUPs error logs report that they can't retrieve //printers (with the extra slash being the problem).

Also, I cannot setup a sub-domain proxy (which I am pretty sure would work) because I don't own a domain in the first place and my host won't let you use subdomains without having a domain.

I also can't simply make CUPs work on another port because all the ports not firewalled are all in use (by Apache and whatnot)

Does anyone know anyway to get CUPs to work through a proxy (or another method solving this issue)?


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