[cups.general] Printing MS Word files

Nathan Wheeler nahun at nahun.ath.cx
Fri Jun 8 14:25:36 PDT 2007

I was just messing around with printing MS Docs using CLI. It won't work 
unless there is a filter for word docs, which cups doesn't have. I had 
to use open office's command line to print. So I use: `soffice -pt 
printer file.doc`

Naveen wrote:
> Hi all
> I have developed a custom backend and backend.conf and a global .ppd 
> file. I have associated it with CUPS and installed it with a new 
> printer name. It is working fine when I print any MS Office file by 
> opening it or by right click option. But when I try to print MS office 
> files using command line i.e. using the following command
> lp -d <PRINTER> msword.doc
> it gives me a 0KB ps file. When I saw cups error-log it shows content 
> type = “application/octet-stream”
> but when I print same file on same printer using drag-drop its content 
> type is “application/pdf”
> I am using MAC OS X machine. Please let me know if somebody has an idea.
> Best regards,
> Naveen...
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