Cups Web Management Through Apache Proxy

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Fri Jun 8 15:04:24 PDT 2007

> Does anyone know anyway to get CUPs to work through a proxy (or
> another method solving this issue)?

CUPS *does* work through a proxy. Your problem is that your proxy does not work for CUPS (it does not allow the CUPS IPP port 631).

What about SSH port forwarding? You'd need a server on the internet that allows you to log in for a SSH session (on a firewall-allowed port). Preferably your CUPS server:

     ssh -L 30631:cupsserver:631  -p 22222 username at sshserver -N -f -g

 - This logs you into the "sshserver" as "username" on port "22222" (of
   course this port must have an sshd listening, and your firewall must
   allow a connection).
 - The ssh session immediately goes into the background and runs no
   other command ("-N -f").
 - Then whenever a connect goes to your local port "30631" this connect
   is forwarded to "cupsserver:631" (via the background session to
 - the "-g" allows any external host to use that tunnel. If you want to
   restrict the tunnel to local sessions, just leave away the "-g".

IOW, to connect to your remote "cupsserver", you'll have to type "http://localhost:30631" into the browser address line.


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