Alternate pstops, filters etc...

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Mon Jun 11 04:39:18 PDT 2007

Artie Ball wrote:
> Hi All,
> Being a newbie to CUPS, can anyone point me to definitive documentation on how to use the alternate pstops (from compiling it to setting it up and using it) and filters in general. The documentation that comes with the alternate pstops assumes that the reader already has a lot of knowledge.
> Artie

To compile it, you need the sources of 1.1.19 or later, but I could
mail you a precompiled binary for either Linux, Solaris, or UnixWare 7.

To install, simply copy the binary into your CUPS' lib/filter directory
(it replaces the original pstops filter; you might save the original
prior to installing the alternate one).


Helge Blischke

H.Blischke at

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