[cups.general] Centralized Server Problem

Caspar Siebeneicher csieben at math.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Jun 13 05:50:17 PDT 2007

Sorry, no real change. Lets say my clients name is foo. I added the printer (lets say foopr) on the server as follows

lpadmin -p foopr -E -v lpd://foo/lp -P /usr/share/ppd/foopr.ppd

When i try to print it says 

"Network host 'foo' is busy, down, or unreachable; will retry in 30

in the webUI as in the error_log. What am I missing? Is there a client setting to be adjusted (CUPS on client, too)? If theres a specific piece of manual I need to read please point me to it, I myself cant find anything useful for solving my problem in the documentation (thats why I started posting here).

And please say if what I want 

(filters are only installed on one machine (server), other machines can have local printers and pass the jobs to the server for filtering)

is impossible to do with CUPS.

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