Duplex Printing

tim twalter at gmx.net
Wed Jun 13 07:11:38 PDT 2007


printer: Kyocera FS-1030D (duplex-printer)
PPD: orig. Kyocera V8.4 (newest)
cups: 1.2.10
pdftops: 3.00
Linux: Gentoo

the printer (itself) is set to no-duplex.
cups configuration: no-duplex

if i print a PDF-file:
# lp -d myprinter myfile.pdf
the printer uses dulex!
printing textfiles is in simplex.

# lpoptions -d myprinter -l | grep -ie duplex
Duplex/Duplex: *None DuplexTumble DuplexNoTumble

# lp -d myprinter-o Duplex=None myfile.pdf
same problem.

converting the pdf to ps by hand: pdftops myfile.pdf myfile.ps
there is a section where Duplex is true. (if i set the value to false it is printed in simplex)
/pdfSetup {
  3 1 roll 2 array astore
  /setpagedevice where {
    pop 3 dict begin
      /PageSize exch def
      /ImagingBBox null def
      /Policies 1 dict dup begin /PageSize 3 def end def
      { /Duplex true def } if
    currentdict end setpagedevice
  } {
    pop pop
  } ifelse
} def

i set the parameter: psDuplex no
in: pdftops.conf -> /etc/xpdfrc

same problem!

help... please

cu tim

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