problem in duplex printing - PDF

tim twalter at
Thu Jun 14 06:36:01 PDT 2007


> Hi all,
>  Successfully configured CUPS server in ubuntu linux and it is successfully printing from windows xp and different fedora version clients.
>  But the problem is double side printing...when the user clicks properties this option is not seen.
>  The printer has the ability of duplex printing..what should I do so that the users can take a double side print of PDF files...

how does the user use the printer?

- Installing the Driver on the clients and printing directly to cups?

- Printing over samba to cups?
  Using the Adope-PS Driver (cupsaddsmb?) or Windows-driver.

- Which PPD-File do you use? From Manufactor?

- Is there a duplex-option in the CUPS-webinterface printer configuration

bye Tim

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