unable to manage jobs

Amy Tanner amy.tanner at netaspx.com
Thu Jun 14 10:37:23 PDT 2007

I have a pretty simple cupsd.conf which requires no authentication.  I can manage printers fine but when I attempt to cancel or hold a job, I get:


The cups error_log shows this:

E [14/Jun/2007:12:30:06 -0500] hold_job: "" not authorized to hold job id 530 owned by "u0v6js00"!

I can send the entire cupsd.conf if it would be more helpful, but here are what I think are the applicable sections:

<Location />
Order Allow,Deny
Allow From All

<Location /jobs>
#AuthType Basic
#AuthClass User

Cups is running as user lp, group lp and the files in /var/spool/cups are 600 owned by lp.lp.

The same cupsd.conf worked fine on debian, running same version of cups:
cups-1.1.23-40.6.  Our new server is SLES (SuSE) 10 and is giving us these errors.

I would appreciate any ideas.  Thanks!

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