some problems with cups

miki ha mikiha at
Tue Jun 19 02:49:17 PDT 2007

i am trying to transfer a print server from HPUX to linux/Cups
and i have some problems with it .
all my printers are setup as a raw printing queue .
and as a result i cannot send the -O landscape to change page orientation
and also when i try to send the lp -n (number of copies)  all the pages are appended to the same page. for instance  if i send a file with
1 line of text to print using the -n 3  . i expect to see 3 pages with 1 line but what i get is 1 page with 3 lines .
and as i stated this only happens when i setup my printer as a raw printer .
i cannot change the print driver to use ppd  because i have 1500 printers
and they all used to work just find as raw printer queue on hpux.
also if i use the ppd i cannot see hebrew fonts . and that is a must for me .
thanks for all your help .

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