unable to manage jobs

Amy Tanner amy.tanner at netaspx.com
Tue Jun 19 13:54:24 PDT 2007

> One more point (and to my shame, I'm not sure about it at the moment, and too tired to think hard about it):
> You may need to change to "RunAsUser No" in cupsd.conf; cupsd will then run as root, and this may be necessary if you want to give all users the right to manage each other's job anonymously.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can get it to work with Digest.  However, what we'd really prefer is to just use Basic.  We have a lot of customer support people who need to manage jobs and we currently authenticate via ldap (using pam).  I don't want to manage this separate passwd.md5 file.

However, I cannot seem to get SuSE to honor my AuthType Basic specification.  Here's my applicable section:

<Location /jobs>
AuthType Basic
AuthClass Group
Require group aspx
Order Deny,Allow
Allow From All

I've also set RunAsUser to No

The same config (above) works perfectly for /printers/name.

After restarting, and attempting to hold or cancel another user's job, the cups error.log still shows:

E [19/Jun/2007:15:45:40 -0500] Unable to open /etc/cups/passwd.md5 - No such file or directory
E [19/Jun/2007:15:45:40 -0500] hold_job: "atanner" not authorized to hold job id 11 owned by "dbaggero

Why is still trying to get auth info from passwd.md5?  I've found several articles about how SUSE's defaults are Digest auth and RunAsUser=yes but they all seem to indicate that you can simply change them.

I'm running SLES 10 with cups-1.1.23-40.6.

Has anyone else gotten this to work or have any ideas?


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