Windows Clients default to Letter Size Paper

Chris Cowsley drcowsley at
Tue Jun 19 14:01:52 PDT 2007

> I recently upgraded our cups server hardware and also installed cups 1.2.4 .  All the printers have been setup and configured to print to A4 paper.  Everthing is working fine, except that when users logon to our windows clients, the printers get shared (via samba) and the page size defaults to Letter.  The client Language and Regional settings are all showing correctly as UK.  The clients need to default to A4 page size, does anyone know what I'm missing....
> Thanks
> Artie
This is an irritating Microsoft problem.
MS default seems to be letter paper - it can be changed to A4 somewhere in the MS Office menus.  It can also be changed on a per-document basis - which confuses some users.

To reduce the load on MS support (I presume) there is a tick box in Word that 'allows shrink/stretch to fit letter to paper and vice-versa, normally ticked.  It messes up margin measurements.

Some printers also have the option of stretch/shrink, and possibly 'print regardless'.   It is a murky area for me, but if your MS configs haven't changed, and the problem is a new one, I suspect cups is not telling MS it as A4 paper.  The solution imho is to show users where MS sets the letter paper size default, and get them o change it.  They will then find their margin measurements actually work when they design a form!

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