CUPS Installation on HP-UX vB.11.00

Peter Matthews peter.matthews at
Wed Jun 20 08:46:49 PDT 2007


I'm completly new to CUPS and relatively inexperience with unix so please accept my apologies for this possibly basic request.

I'm looking to log our unix printing through software which sits on a windows 2000 server and to do this I need to output the unix print jobs through the printers we have setup on the windows 2000 server.

To do this I'm looking at Samba / CUPS, so far I have got as far as checking that Samba can see the printer shares on our win 2000 server which it can, the next step was to utilise CUPS but we don't have CUPS installed.

Looking on this site I see I can download version 1.2.11 but firstly I'm unsure which download I need to select .dmg .tar.bz2 or .tar.gz and secondly once downloaded I'm unsure how to install and if required to, compile any code that I need.

If anyone can offer any assistance or point me in the direction of some useful documentation I would most appreciate it.

Kind Regards,


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