[cups.general] lexmark Z23 on Kubuntu 7.04

Tux Sun tuxsun1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 07:32:08 PDT 2007

Mihai wrote:
> Hello there,
>    I have a little problem with my Lexmark printer. I've used every Z-kind-of driver that is available for CUPS. The printer seems to get the request but it doesn't print . It just rolls over the paper.
I have the same problem with a Z25 printer. I have looked and looked and
there are no print drivers provided for this printer. I have tried all
the ones suggested and I have got as far as you--the paper feeds but
nothing prints.

Unfortunately, these inexpensive printers were designed for Windows, so
maybe the software drivers do a lot of the work for them--similar to
what the software drivers do for WinModems (purely a guess there).

I do remember ppl getting Z23's to work, so I suggest you Google and
Yahoo! search on the words 'lexmark z23 cups' and see what you find.
>   I'm a novice in Linux-kind system but I think that I'll be able to do something if I get some help.
> Thanks and best regards,
>   Mitza
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