[cups.general] lp -H timezone problem

Jeff Hardy hardyjm at potsdam.edu
Fri Jun 22 06:49:04 PDT 2007

Hello all,

I've been experimenting with lp -H on cups-1.2.10-10.fc7.  It seems that
it is not honoring the local timezone offset on the box, which is
currently -0400.  In every other respect (logging, printjob timestamps,
etc.) times are being reported correctly.  As soon as I add 4 hours to
any time I specify, works swimmingly.  This happens from remote clients
or on localhost.


lp -d testqueue -H 09:25 test.txt

Needs to be:

lp -d testqueue -H 13:25 test.txt

FWIW, sending my print command through 'at' and a normal (not +4 hours)
time works, and is the current workaround.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.


Jeff Hardy
Systems Analyst
hardyjm at potsdam.edu

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