[ANNOUNCE] quosnmp 1.0.0

Marcus Lauer marcus.lauer at nyu.edu
Fri Jun 22 12:33:57 PDT 2007

    Quosnmp is a print quota enforcing backend wrapper for CUPS which works
with networked printers and print servers which support SNMP.  It is based
on accsnmp by Jeff Hardy.  Get it here:


    Before accepting a print job quosnmp checks a user's print quota and
compares it to their total page count, rejecting the job if the page count
is over quota or the print quota is explicitly set to zero.  Once the print
job has been accepted it queries the printer's page count before and after
printing and keeps track of the total pages printed by each user.

    Quotas and accounting info are stored in simple text files, one per
user, group or quota.  However, there is also a script available called
quosnmp-util which can be used to query, set, and unset quotas, and query
accounting information, all without having to think too hard. :)

    By itself quosnmp does not reset page counts periodically (e.g. weekly
or monthly).  You can do this using cron and a shell script to decrement
each user's page count by the amount of their quota.  A sample script
called reset_print_quotas is available along with quosnmp.

    As this is the first official release of this software it has not
received extensive bug testing.  On a related note, bug reports are
strongly encouraged!

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