[cups.general] Xerox Phaser 8550 ppd

russbucket russbucket at nwi.net
Sat Jun 23 19:51:34 PDT 2007

Caspar Siebeneicher wrote:

>> Xerox does not have a Linux driver for this printer. I have a Phaser
>> 6120 and there is a Xerox available PPD for it. Is it possible to
>> modify this PPD to control the 8550?
> Could be hard to do to impossible, depending on the differences between
> the models.
>> Look at this page:
>> It lists a Unix/Linux driver for the 8500/8550. It may word or be
>> modifiable.
> Sorry, this page (btw I knew it :)) only says that there is NO linux
> driver available...

Sorry about that. Select all in the search area. then roll down to:

   File Download 
  Email this page 
   To download this file, please click the "Start" button below 
  CentreWare for Unix Linux i386 Driver
  Filename: Linuxi386XPXX_4.10.28.tar
  Version: 4.10.28
  Date: 4/10/2007
  Size: 11.9MB
  [ Supported Platforms ] [ Supported Languages ] [ Supported Products ]
  CentreWare for Unix (Linux i386) printer driver Important: To complete the
installation refer to the "See Also" section below.
  See also
  Installation Guide (PDF 98.7KB)

  Click "Start" to download

  Supported Platforms:  UNIX
  Supported Languages:  English, English (US)
  Supported Products:  DocuPrint 4512N, DocuPrint 4517, DocuPrint C55,
DocuPrint N2125, DocuPrint N2825, DocuPrint N40, DocuPrint N4025, DocuPrint
N4525, DocuPrint NC60, Phaser 1235, Phaser 2135, Phaser 3450, Phaser 3500,
Phaser 360, Phaser 4400, Phaser 4500, Phaser 4510, Phaser 5400, Phaser
5500, Phaser 6180, Phaser 6200, Phaser 6250, Phaser 6300/6350, Phaser 6360,
Phaser 7300, Phaser 740, Phaser 7400, Phaser 750, Phaser 7700, Phaser 7750,
Phaser 7760, Phaser 780, Phaser 8200, Phaser 8400, Phaser 850, Phaser
8500/8550, Phaser 8560, Phaser 860, WorkCentre C2424, Xprint 4900, XPrint
4915 Plus Color Laser Printer, XPrint 4920 Plus Color 
> I hoped that someone somehow got this machine to work with linux.
> Thank you anyways for trying to help.
> Cheers!
> Caspar


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