[cups.general] Static compilation of cups

manish rangankarmanish at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 07:14:12 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I am working on embedded linux for SH platform (kernel 2.6.14).
I want to add printer support in it. I am trying to install CUPS but
facing some problems. I have some questions regarding CUPS

1 >  I am using GCC lib-2.3.3 for sh-linux platform.
       And iniramfs with the bare minimum file system
       without library support.
       Below is the configuration setting I used for configuring cups.

# ./configure CC=sh3-linux LDFLAGS=--static --host=sh3-linux
   --disable-shared --prefix=/home/manish/cups_sh

  I seen no problem during configuration. CUPS perfectly detected my cross
compiler tool chain.


# make

but during compilation I got error related to crc32 and inflat. So I edited
the config.h file in top level
directory. I commented the option #define HAVE_LIBZ 1 and recompile.
Compilation was OK and i checked the header for lp and lpstat using readelf
-h and
readelf -d. I seen no dynamic linkages, and also the size for each binary is
increase(It is in MB).

I copied all the binaries on my USB stick and copied exec-prefix directory
on platform. Edited
etc/init.d/cups file, and changed the path which was there when I did
configuration to /mnt/usbfiles/

Then I tried to run scheduler but it exited with error saying,

#/etc/init.d/cup start
 Child exited with status 1!

 This means my scheduler is not up.

   a )  Can it possible to compile cups statically( without shared library
support by using LDFLAGS=--static) ??
          If yes then why my shceduler is not running :( ?

    b ) If we can't run cups with static library then would it be possible
to compile it with uclibc ?
         Can you please guide me through this ?

Waiting for reply.
Thanks in advance!!!

Manish Rangankar
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