printing to a remote IPP printer with lp is danghard

Andrew Pimlott andrew at
Tue Jun 26 10:34:48 PDT 2007

On 2007-06-25, Kurt Pfeifle <kurt.pfeifle at> wrote:
> Well, your scarse "error description" does not invite any meaningful comment (other than pure speculation what might be missing: did your friend's CUPS configuration not allow external clients to print? did you even try to print via his CUPS system?)

Hi--I probably should have put this near the top of my original post,
but I was able print with the command

    lp -h -d HPLJ1012 file.pdf

I think this should tell you basically how things are configured.  My
problems are:

1.  How was I supposed to go from the IPP URL


    to the above command?  It took me an hour to figure out (mostly
    because I went down the blind alley of lpstat).  Why doesn't lp
    simply take a URL as an option?  At least the documentation could
    say how to construct an lp command line given an IPP URL.

2.  I still can't check the print queue, query job status, or cancel a
    job.  What is the right lpstat command line for this printer?

Specific answers to some of your questions below:

>> +++ Andrew Pimlott [25/06/07 16:09 -0400]:
>> > My friend gave me the IPP URL of his printer.
> Are you saying that your friend offered you access to his locally installed printqueue? That his box acted as the print server for you?


> If you do not access the printqueue via an external CUPS server, you also need the package "cupsys" (which is the server part of CUPS in Debian).

He is running a CUPS server.

> These are only the client commands. [snip]

But if my friend is running the CUPS server, I should only need the
client commands, right?

Hope this clarifies.  Thanks for your response.


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