printing to a remote IPP printer with lp is danghard

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Tue Jun 26 11:21:35 PDT 2007

> 1.  How was I supposed to go from the IPP URL
>         ipp://
>     to the above command?  It took me an hour to figure out (mostly
>     because I went down the blind alley of lpstat).  Why doesn't lp
>     simply take a URL as an option?  At least the documentation could
>     say how to construct an lp command line given an IPP URL.

Check your Debian bug report. I responded there even before here (but somehow my posting there took ages to show up), but didn't realize initially it was the same thing.

> 2.  I still can't check the print queue, query job status, or cancel a
>     job.  What is the right lpstat command line for this printer?

lpstat -h -p             # all printers on
lpstat -h -o             # all IDs of current jobs
lpstat -h -p HPLJ1012    # printer HPLJ1012 at
lpstat -h -l -p HPLJ1012 # "long" version info
lpstat -h -o HPLJ1012    # current jobs queued for HPLJ1012

Once you know a job ID, you can run

  lprm -h job-id

> But if my friend is running the CUPS server, I should only need the
> client commands, right?


But as you painfully experienced, this does not suffice if the CUPS server config is not set up correctly, or not set up in a way that makes printing *easy* for clients...

You run into one of various issues with Debian's self-willed decisions to configure CUPS defaults. See also Debian Bug #427559 for one more example....

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