Print jobs hangin

Joe D. Trent jtrent at
Tue Jun 26 14:12:05 PDT 2007


I'm running CUPS 1.2.10 on Fedora Core 6 (2.6.20-1.2948.fc6). I'm 
running 9 printers. Two sets of three dot matrix printers (raw) on 
Linksys print servers. One dot matrix printer on a D-Link print server. 
Two HP laser printers (4101,4300) on ethernet connections.

I'm having a problem two or three times a week with one of the queues 
hanging up. Sometimes I can disable the queue and it will finish 
printing. Usually I will have to cancel the jobs to get it to go again. 
Sometimes I can restart the job.

Usually this is on one of the printers hooked to a Linksys print server, 
but sometimes on the laser printers. I haven't had it happen on the 
D-Link connected printer yet.

I've tried restarting CUPS and disabling/enabling the queues 
(/usr/sbin/cupsdisable; /usr/sbin/cupsdisable). I made a cron line to 
disable/enable each printer every night. Still having the problems.

This is an upgrade from another machine. I installed the OS in April and 
didn't notice a big problem until I moved the machine to its normal 
place a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I loaded some update and it was just 
effective when I rebooted?

Any suggestions?


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