How do I manage quotas?

Kurt Pfeifle kurt.pfeifle at
Wed Jun 27 07:23:09 PDT 2007

Johannes Meixner wrote on 04:59 Jun 20:

> On Jun 19 23:49 Kurt Pfeifle wrote (shortened):
> > > ... I need to give staff and students different quotas ...
> > CUPS' quotas are per printer. Same for each user...
> For sophisticated quota and accounting, PyKota might help:
> "Supports both Print Accounting and Print Quota enforcement.
>  Each can be set on a per user and/or per users group basis."

BTW, Johannes,

are there any plans to package PyKota for openSUSE any time soon?


(P.S.: I'm sure I'd write a raving review of both, PyKota and
       openSUSE-10.3, on a very prominent news outlet on the Internet,
       if only it were packaged properly by openSUSE. Replace "openSUSE"
       with $anydistro, if you want.... But right now, PyKota can not
       really be recommended to any customer or user who does not have
       a versatile and smart packager at their own disposal.)

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