[cups.general] How do I manage quotas?

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Wed Jun 27 10:12:28 PDT 2007


Jerome Alet wrote:
> I'd LOVE to see PyKota packaged by distributors, as explained
> there :
>   http://www.mailarchives.org/list/debian-user/msg/2005/45012
> And you know why ? Because this would be less work to do for me
> (and then Kurt wouldn't complain so loudly ;-)
> PyKota and all the software available on http://www.pykota.com
> are free for anyone to download, modify, package, distribute,
> under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0 or higher (this with certainety
> means v3.0 when it will be out).

Well, I tried out to get the software (again), and my experience is,
that we cannot grab it, are unable to add it to our distribution.
It seems that we have to pay for getting access (i.e. login/passwort
needs to be payed).

I also looked through the packages for the various distributions:
Ubuntu/Debian, RedHat/Fedora: no tarballs/packages avail there neither.

> I only ask one thing : if you download a release which version 
> number contains the word 'official' in it, let's say 
> 'pykota-1.25_official.tar.gz', and you want to modify it before 
> redistributing it, then you remove the word 'official' from the 
> version number (in pykota/version.py). 

We can and would do so, if we get asked. No problem.

But if it is still so hard to get the source, we wont work on it.

Just a note: As package maintainer at SuSE/Novell, we don't have any
fund, and cannot pay for any such software. Only after a long
bureaucratic way through several offices, we can pay for anything. And
this is too much effort compared with other packages.

And the contradictory is here: we have to pay for free software
(software under the GPL).

So, I would say (from my point of view) and in very simplified form:
the author does not like it getting his software distributed. :-)

Sorry for the hard words.

And I don't have any problems, if the rules are like this.

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