CUPS servers out-of-sync

angelb angelb at
Fri Jun 29 11:09:32 PDT 2007

Hello all.

I have two CUPS servers running in tandem to provide fail-safe and some
basic load balancing operation. These two servers are always in syncd,
that is, their printers.conf file are always the same. I have a menu
system our users use for printer administration such that changes made
in one server is automagically made on the partner server.

Every night, I have a cron process that checks both servers config
files which basically do a diff on the printers.conf file and report
any differences.

Last night, one of the partner server has to be vmotioned and that
required it to be shutdown. When this partner server came backup, its
printers.conf changed. Now, the two CUPS servers are no longer in

Here's a sample of the diff:

< Location BLD,(BLD ),IMAGING ST#7, BABLDM0001
> Location BLD,(BLD ),IMAGING ST

Fortunately, there was only two printer queues that became different
and we have 2489 printers qeues.

Does anyone have any idea how/why the change occurred? Did the
rebooting of the one server somehow changed its printers.conf file?

Any comments or suggestion is much appreciated.


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