Cancelling jobs form Windows clients

Andrew Bond aabond at
Fri Jun 1 01:47:36 PDT 2007

I have some problem described in subject.

I'm running distro with Cups 1.12 installed. I configured CUPS server to work with RAW data by removing comments in /etc/cups/mime.types and /etc/cups/mime.convs. Then I installed windows drivers to my Windows machines and asked to print on adress http://cupsserver:631/printers/PrinterName. All is printing fine BUT:

I can't remove jobs from Windows machine via Control Panel - Printers -PrinterName. In printer's window writes Acces denied and on cups server in /var/log/cups/error_log adds something like this:

[time] Job #11 was added by user Andrew #I thenk this is windows user.
[time] user 'anonymous' is not autorized to cancel job #11 added by user Andrew

I blowed my brain in solution of this problem. Can you give me solution how to solve this problem?

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