[cups.development] Quota/Restriction Problems

Brian Weinstein bweinste at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Jun 5 05:08:57 PDT 2007


I have been following this guide: http://www.cups.org/doc-1.1/sam.html#4_3_6

and have tried using the command: sudo lpadmin -p PRINTER_NAME -o 
job-quota-period=86400 -o job-page-limit=x

where x is a non-zero value - however, this doesn't seem to be working, 
as when I set x to 1, I am able to print out multiple (10+) jobs, which 
clearly shows the command isn't working.

Is this command still supported? Is there a new syntax? Any input or 
assistance on this matter would be great.

Brian Weinstein

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