Can't create new printers on my new CUPS servers

doriane salem doriane.salem at
Tue Jun 5 17:25:44 PDT 2007


I am transitioning from PrintPro to CUPS.  I was sent the new CUPS Companion CD to use.  I followed the instructions by removing printpro and installing CUPS from the CD on a test machine.  I have not added any printers to this system.  However, when I display the printers from http://localhost:631/admin, I see printers from another print server.  I tried to turn off "show printers shared by other systems", and click on "change settings" and I get this error in a box:  "The Document contained no data.  Try again later, or contact your server's administrator."

I later tried to add a new printer to this test system, and once I select the correct PPD file and click on Add Printer, I get the exact same error as above.

Any ideas?

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