[cups.bugs] Unnecessary resource usage in CUPS

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Jun 7 07:05:09 PDT 2007

Anonymous Coward wrote:
>   With no printer attached, cups will poll for a printer every 30 
> seconds. It will do this even if there are no print jobs in the queue or 
> other requests for the printer.

Unless you've setup BrowsePoll in your cupsd.conf, CUPS isn't polling
every 30 seconds.  More than likely the issue is with your desktop

If you *are* using BrowsePoll for some reason, change the
BrowseInterval and BrowseTimeout settings to control the polling

CUPS (cupsd) has a LOT of code in it to minimize CPU usage when idle.
The default settings can keep the scheduler idle for up to 1 day if
there is no interaction with it...

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