cupsPrintFile leaking memory?

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Jun 12 04:16:32 PDT 2007

Bart wrote:
> Hi,
> I seem to be having some memory problems with an application. I use cups to print documents almost every 6 seconds, for 24 hours, using the cupsPrintFile() function. After around 10 days the application crashes and I have a core dump of around 3GB.
> When I look at the memory usage for the running process it leaks memory (around 4-12 kB per printjob).
> The CUPS version on that machine (RedHat Enterprise Linux 4) is 1.1.22rc1.
> Can someone confirm or deny the existance of a possible leak in this version of CUPS?

I am not aware of any memory leaks in 1.1.22, but your best bet would
be to use valgrind to check against a single run to see if any memory
is getting leaked by libcups.

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