Help debugging CUPS on OS/2

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Jun 12 04:40:57 PDT 2007

Paul Smedley wrote:
> ...
>> We'll look at them, but if they are too invasive we probably won't
>> incorporate them into the core distribution.
> still some minor issues and need
> to add USB support still...

The changes look promising, but the implementation of those
changes needs some work.  Here is a semi-detailed list...


The makefile changes can be changed to use $(EXEEXT) instead of
adding .exe to everything.  Then add AC_EXEEXT to the

The serial backend needs new conditional code to disable it on
OS/2 rather than removing it from the makefile.

All of the new code needs to conform to the CUPS developer
guide coding standards:

The USB backend changes need to be updated once we get the
libusb code into CUPS 1.3 (trunk), which should be happening
Real Soon Now.

All of the commented out code (which uses the C99/C++ // comment
stuff which isn't allowed in CUPS C code...) needs to use #ifndef
__OS2__ constructs.

I'd prefer that the #ifndef/#else/#endif conditional code be
reordered to be #ifdef/#else/#endif.

I'd like to see some sort of common function for the "set stdin/out
to binary mode" rather than the duplicated code in each program.
(The function would be a no-op on other platforms)

I'd also like to see a common function for checking for the
presence of a program to handle the filename + filename.exe

There are a lot of gratuitous whitespace changes that need to be
removed, and the addition of K&R style braces around single
statements also needs to be removed.

Finally, the change to needs to be updated to
be conditional at run-time (test the output of uname or other

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