"Satisfy Any" in cupsd.conf

Kev Latimer kev at kevnet.org.uk
Thu May 1 01:11:55 PDT 2008

> Kev Latimer wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Has anybody any idea why the Satisfy Any directive might be being ignored in my cupsd.conf?  All I want is to have certain hosts get access to admin functions without authenticating, all others seeing a user/pass dialogue.  I have a pretty identical directive working as expected in my older 1.1-based servers, but it ain't working in my 1.2's.
> You need to use policies in 1.2 and higher for this, as the policy
> adds to the location security definitions.
> That said, there is a known issue with "Satisfy Any" in policies that
> we just fixed; STR #2782 has the fix:
>      http://www.cups.org/str.php?L2782

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick response!  I'm having a play with using policies to accomplish this now, albeit with similar results.  Would I be right in thinking that the Satisfy Any issue probably exists in my version of cups, as well as 1.4-current, as described in STR #2782, and I'm not going to achieve the desired result just by using policies?

I've pulled down the 1.2 Debian source to see if I can modify my version similar to the 2782 patch, but can't find any code that looks like that in ipp.c.  Obviously, the correct answer is to download the latest vanilla source and compile, but I'm obviously keen to stick with my distros packages where possible - I've a lot of servers I'd have to build and test this on!

Staying only tenuously on-topic, all I need this directive for is to allow a script on a machine to execute cups commands on various servers across our network.  However, there doesn't seem to be a way to include a password on the cups command line, it's an interactive prompt.  Is there any way to work around this?



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